Now that it’s your birthday, I wish you nothing but love, peace, and happiness. This is the day that God gave you to me. We love and celebrate you Ohemaa # Gospelxyz # Birthday # Celebration # gospelmusic # beauty # … Only sincere wishes will create this type of greeting real and pleasant. Birthdays make you old, but birthdays also make your faith stronger. Birthdays are also a chance to be thankful for God’s presence in your life. May you always feel our love and God’s divine presence in your life. I hope you find the answers to your questions, and I hope you make your dreams come true. It’s time to celebrate the beautiful life that God has blessed you with. May the abundance of God’s love fill you today and all the days of your life. You did not accomplish much But you didn't die this year I guess that's good enough. God knows very well how valuable you are, so he has blessed us with your presence and continues to rejoice with her by allowing you to live another year. I ask God that, if one day you change, it is always for the better. 10. I run this blog to bring light and joy to people across the world. You are one of my life’s most beautiful blessings. Congratulations! 1. Happy birthday! Happy Birthday. Pastor Munawar Khurshid. I thank God every day for you. Fun Facts Happy Birthday! For that, I thank you, and I beg you to grant us many more years of life, to continue sharing, as brothers. I pray that God will continue to shower you with His blessings. Always turn to him because He will never forsake you. What defines us in life are our actions and choices, so work well at all times, and you will be rewarded, not only by those around you but also by God, our Lord. May God bless you more. Have the most wonderful birthday. What do you write in a Christian birthday card? God bless you. Enjoy this day, and don’t forget to keep your faith alive. If you like my website the best compliment you can give me is to share it with your friends and family. God bless you always. Sometimes one would prefer to celebrate it quietly and intimately, and that’s perfectly alright, too. May you have the most meaningful birthday! Are you looking for Religious Christian birthday Wishes for a friend? I want you to know that I’m sending you the warmest birthday greetings and the fondest thoughts across the miles. God bless you more, and I hope you have the best birthday. Every day is a great day to celebrate all the wonders of God’s love. #GospelBillboard #Birthday At we have arranged a wonderful inventory of Christian Birthday Wishes and Happy Christian Birthday Quotes covering some Bible verses for birthday wishes as well. Happy Birthday! Send this cute dancing panda to wish your near and dear ones a very happy birthday. God bless you always. Look in the mirror. January 1 at 5:11 AM. Happy Birthday, brother! Happiest birthday, my sweet one. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday. You deserve all the good things coming your way. A wonderful birthday to you! May God our Lord bless you on this day and give you millions of reasons to celebrate with joy. Blessings to you! On this Day I wish you beautiful years ahead. Don’t forget, always be a good man and good will come back to you. It is the birthday of a beautiful, faithful, and honest man that God has placed among us to illuminate our path and make it more enjoyable. Happy Birthday! We hope you have the most blessed and most joyful birthday. Create New Account. Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to an amiable woman of grace. Today is the birthday of an extraordinary person, whom God cares for and blesses at all times. Have a wonderful birthday. I praise God that you are celebrating another birthday with all of us who love you. Happy Birthday! I ask God to bless you always, and that love never is lacking in your heart. Among all the people in the world, God has set his sights on you and blessed you by giving you another year of life. Do not forget that God loves you and would give everything to see you always happy. You deserve all the gifts that you receive because you are a wonderful person. May He continue to bless you with His graces. I want you to know how special you are and how much you mean to me, and that is why I give you this greeting card, wishing you a happy birthday, and may God bless you always. May God bless you with good health, love and Joy, Happy Birthday my friend! Happy Birthday my dear friend! On this extraordinary day, I send you this beautiful greeting card with my most sincere Christian birthday words. I celebrate your uniqueness and pray you continue to be outstanding. On your birthday, I wish that you will have the most amazing day surrounded by people you love and people who love you. Celebrate the life that God has given you by sharing your joy with others and by spreading His message of love to everyone. Today I thank God for putting you in my way, because such a kind, humble, and cordial being is not found anywhere. You surely do a great job at it! Happy birthday, babe! It will always be the happiest day of our lives. One more year is a new opportunity to reflect and to make things always better. May God continue to bless you, and may you continue honoring God. 🎂 Happy Birthday to the blessed gospel artiste Ohemaa Eunice @ohemaa7637 God enlarge your territories this from year and beyond. I thank God for putting you in my way and for allowing me to become your friend. Happy Birthday! Happy birthday! You have changed me in so many ways. Pentecostal Church. Happy birthday, dear son. Happy Panda Dance On Your Birthday. Don’t forget to thank him for blessing you and for honoring you with the beautiful gift that is life. Today, I raise all my prayers to God, our Lord, so that I may bless you and allow you to have a happy birthday. Happy birthday and may God bless you! Have fun today! Someone like you truly deserve God’s choicest blessings. Amazing Christian Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes you can send to your pastor’s wife on her birthday. I ask God to bless you and put before you the best opportunities for you to be wholly prosperous and happy. God bless you on your birthday and every day after that. It’s just like any other birthday message that you send to someone you love, only with a more religious and spiritual sentiment. I hope that you never forget this fact. Happy Birthday. As you celebrate another year of life, may you also be grateful for all the blessings that you receive. Happy birthday… When I am not coming up with new wishes and quotes I enjoy walking my dog with my husband Max and I also sing in our local gospel choir. Happy birthday! Happiest birthday to you! May the good Lord bless you on your birthday. 69. I wish you a very happy birthday. Although for many it is one more day, for me it is a fantastic day, because it is the birthday of a good friend, whom God loves and blesses every day. God is a witness to all these as are we. Now you're one year older! You are kind and beautiful with a heart of gold. Happy Birthday! to the beings you love most and wish them the best in their day. Jesus died for our sins, and it’s because of Him that you are here. Happy birthday! Congratulations! As a child of God, you must seek and work hard to be a blessing to many. 2. On the date of your birthday, I pray to God to take your hand and lead you along the path of prosperity, for you deserve no less than to achieve the greatest happiness. God bless you more! Continue to be a blessing to everyone. I thank Jesus Christ for having met us and for having built this beautiful friendship. Happy Birthday! God put you on my path so that together, we build a great friendship and give each other great happiness. May you celebrate this day with the people you love, sharing the joy of salvation with all the people you care about. Congratulations! Happy birthday to that particular person who has filled our lives with love and joy. Happy birthday! Have a very blessed birthday. May God always protect you and keep you. Now that it’s your birthday, I wish that peace will be with you. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Congratulations! On your special, I pray to God that He will bless you with plenty of prosperity and good luck. I wish that this birthday is just the beginning of many more years that you will fill with wonderful memories and shining dreams. Give thanks for the many wonderful blessings. I love you! Related Pages. Well, now that you have all these Birthday Wishes, you can dedicate the best Christian birthday messages to the beings you love most and wish them the best in their day. May the Lord bless you and allow you to have many more years of life. God bless you always. It is the birthday of a good Christian, whom God has rewarded with the gift of life, for being such a humble and kind human being. Someone as wonderful as you deserve a lifetime of blessings. God has given you that possibility, and you must thank him, but more importantly, you must give him such a wonderful gift, giving his best to be a better man. Cheers to another year of celebrating all that’s good and beautiful in your life. Happy birthday @Jacquelineoforiwaa-amanfo. May God grant you all the desires of your heart, and may He light your path now and always. I also wish that you will have a happy, healthy, and peaceful life. I ask God to allow me to accompany you throughout your life and bless every day to come so that you will always find love and happiness. 34. Remember to thank him for such a great opportunity and give his best to make him proud to be your creator. Happy Birthday! Autobiography Gospel Brothers is a team of three brothers in Christ not biological coming together to reverence our Creator through the ministry of music despite of coming from distinct denominations. I hope that your special day is filled with all the reasons why God’s love is unfailing, and why all glory belongs to Him. Have a wonderful birthday, my dearest son. May the love of Christ be with you always and may his blessings bring you peace and happiness. Today is an extraordinary day because a good man is celebrating his birthday, whom God loves and protects from above. Happy birthday may God bless you with many more years of happiness, peace and love. 1. Happy birthday to you. Congratulations! Have a wonderful life, my love. 71. May God bless you abundantly! God is with you at all times and, although you cannot see him, you can feel his presence if you close your eyes and ask with faith for his precious blessing. I wish you a very wonderful birthday. Have a happy birthday! Congratulations! See more of Toheed Gospel Television on Facebook. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday song - A Cappella... Say Happy Birthday to someone special... A CAPPELLA! Congratulations! I hope that this birthday is an unforgettable one. Happy Birthday! May this new stage come full of successes and blessings, and may God’s grace be poured out upon you. I pray that you will always find love and that your spirit will always be strong. Thank this new opportunity and enjoy every minute of your presence on this Earth. Have the most wonderful birthday, my child. Happy Birthday! It's Time To Celebrate. You are God’s masterpiece, and your birthday is a day to celebrate His wonderful gifts and creations. I hope you know how blessed you are and how much God loves you. Choose from these Christian Birthday Poems, Birthday Verses, Birthday Greetings, Christian Birthday Quotes, Birthday Wishes, Birthday Sayings and Christian Birthday Messages for handmade Birthday Card Making, Scrapbooks, Crafts and Birthday Gifts (for Family and Friends to wish them a Happy Birthday) Happy Birthday to my lovely friend, a mother, my business partner, my motivator and lover of Christ! Happy Birthday! Happy birthday! May the love of God light up your today and your tomorrow. God allows you to open your eyes again and start another year in your life. Therefore, thank him and do not miss the opportunity he has given you to have another year of life. I hope that you are surrounded by all the people you love, and all the people who make you grateful to be alive. Congratulations, and have a great time. May God, our Lord, bless this day and allow you to enjoy it with laughter and joy. You are a great companion and an unconditional friend, so I pray to God to bless you and grant you a long life to have you with me and enjoy your friendship. They can be made more fun when you celebrate with your family and friends, be showered with love and attention, and be presented with plenty of birthday gifts. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy birthday to you. Today, I want to take a moment to tell you how much I love you and all the good things I wish for you. Happy Birthday! The Lord shall give you rain in due season and make your land yield her increase for you and yours in the name of Jesus. May you share the joy of salvation with everyone around you. Sending a Christian happy birthday message should not be any different. A wonderful person like … God bless you on your special day. Congratulations! This is a good choice for a hilarious birthday song, with lyrics like the following: Happy birthday! Enjoy your special day. Happy birthday to you from me. Happy Birthday! On your birthday, we have prepared for you a big surprise, which, with God’s favor, we hope you like it. Happy birthday! Ch Ayliah Toheed is with Shakeel Younis and Austan Shakeel Minhas. To better prepare them on the coming journey, send them off with a prayer and a beautiful Christian birthday wish. Tubesdevastated. Happy birthday! Happy Birthday! May your birthday be filled with God’s incredible blessings. Happy birthday! May the good Lord continue to pour his blessings upon you, and may you continue to be a blessing to me and to many others. May Lord bless you abundantly because a sweetheart like you deserves the best! Today is a prodigious day, as we celebrate the anniversary of your birth. You are more blessed than you are stressed. Happy Birthday! Happy birthday! Congratulations! Despite the distance, you know well that I love you and that from where I am, I send you my good wishes. by Happy birthday to you! I pray that God will always grant the desires of your heart and that you will always find meaning in what you do. Have the most wonderful and most blessed birthday. Today is a special day worthy of a celebration because this is the day that God blessed you with the gift of life. My greatest wish for you is to have a happy birthday with all those who love you and pray to God for you. Have the happiest birthday! Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you dear friend. On your birthday, I ask God that he keeps blessing you with the gifts that you desire. I wish that you will never ever find yourself alone or lonely. May the love of Christ our Lord be always with you, and may your faith be more significant with each passing day. Continue to work in the light of God. As we celebrate your birthday today, we wish that you will embrace the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Always keep God in your heart so that you will never lose your way. These wishes and quotes can be very helpful … Always take care of yourself and strive to do the right thing. My life is so much richer and happier because of you. Remember every day of your life that you are a unique being and that God loves you so much, that he has allowed you to live in this extraordinary world so that you will be happy and enjoy the wonders he has created for you and our brothers. God is with you every day of your life, but today, his presence becomes even more unique, because it is your birthday. Happy Birthday! I ask God that every wish you fulfill come true and that you find in Him the peace and joy to continue living on this beautiful Earth. I wish you many more birthdays to come and that you will praise God in everything that you do. I wish I was there to celebrate your birthday with you. You are my life’s biggest blessing, and I will always be grateful to God for you. Thank you for bringing all the warmth in our life and making it more beautiful than ever. Do not forget to thank and beg him so that, in this new stage, you can give the world the best of you. While I am blinded by your love and beauty, it has opened my eyes to a better and more fulfilling future. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy a beautiful day today, surrounded by your loved ones and the presence of God, our Lord, who watches over you from the top and blesses you with a happy birthday. Happy birthday! I hope that this turns out to be a wonderful day for you. Happy Birthday! I will always be thankful whenever your birthday comes because this is the day that changed my life. Happy birthday to you! I hope you enjoy with your family and keep in mind that God’s love is always with you.